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This module aims to provide a simple way to manage a Senseo Coffee machine through a Raspberry Pi’s GPIO and a REST API.

The possible use case is to plug the Senseo machine to a Raspberry Pi µ-computer by using its GPIO and to remotely use the REST API to start/stop the machine, and, to start a coffee production.

Note: This setup is mainly for fun usage as it does not manage the water or coffee dose filling.

Installation proccess

Download sources, unzip, goes to sources-folder.


Use the using PIP:

pip install .


Prepare configuration files in your home dir:

mkdir -p ~/.senseo-api
cp ./logging.json ~/.senseo-api/
cp ./senseo_config.json ~/.senseo-api/

The content of the senseo_config.json must be customized depending on the GPIO PIN setup you want to use.

For example:

Pinout example

Pinout example

  "1_mug_button": 17,
  "2_mug_button": 22,
  "led":          27,
  "power_button": 4

Ground is not setup as you can use any of the available GND of your GPIO board to plug it.

You can use the pinout command of gpiozero (as explained here to get the current GPIO PIN numbers:

sudo pip install gpiozero

Or the useful web site.


Senseo API

The senseo API use the flask/flask_restplus module to provide API and Swagger documentation.

To run the developpement server:


Join the http://<your_IP_address>:5000 URL to get the swagger interface:

Swagger UI

Swagger UI

Senseo Simulator

A quick&dirty machine simulator is available in the package with the command senseo-simulator:

senseo-simulator --help
Usage: senseo-simulator [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Execute the Senseo Simulator

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  heat  Simulate a ready coffee machine
  off   Simulate a power off action
  on    Simulate a power on action
  read  Read the values on the buttons
Warning: If you want to use the simulator with read commande, run it before the senseo-api. If needed to restart it, stop senseo-api, run the simulator, start the senseo-api again.


Senseo is a registered trademark of Philips and Douwe Egberts.